You & Improved

During this recession, you don’t have time to hang your head and feel sorry for yourself. How are companies like Amazon, Netflix and Verizon actually increasing their profits? Let’s take those same strategies and apply them to your personal brand:
Stay Engaged. Engagement comes from having purpose and passion in life. Stay focused on what you need to do and who you need to connect with. Keep your eyes on the prize, don’t let distractions deter you.

Re-Innovate. Improving means getting better. I always say you should be able to look back at yourself six months from now and laugh. Why? Because when you grow, you learn to do things more efficiently. It’s up to you to reinvent yourself. People only pay attention when you give them a reason to.

Plan Ahead. Fact: The recession will eventually end. When it does, will you be in a position to capitalize? Most people are in survival mode and living defensively. Successful people are networking, learning and creatively marketing so when the economy turns around, they’ll be ready to thrive.

The recession will test your character. When adversity strikes, do you lay down or fight? If a new ideas or perspective is what you need – hire a coach and start going forward with Growing Forward!

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