Behind the Scenes

When we think about leadership, we don’t naturally envision “behind the scenes.” Yet, true leadership doesn’t always attract the spotlight or notoriety. It’s quietly going about the process and bringing people with you along the way…

1) Focus on Results: Don’t seek the credit. If you take a leadership role for the recognition, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Focus on getting the job done; appreciation will usually follow.

2) Empower Others: Don’t micromanage. If you recruit people to do a task, give them guidelines and support, then get out of their way. Leaders need followers more than the other way around.

3) Model Hard Work: Don’t tell people what to do, do it with them. Showing is more powerful than telling. Actions speak louder than words.

Security comes from knowing you’ve done your best. Leadership is about getting things done through people. Are you willing to lead behind the scenes?

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