Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore was full of raw talent, but he needed help from several coaches throughout the movie in order to succeed.

Virginia helped him be more professional. Happy used foul language and inappropriate behavior on the golf course. She helped control his temper and think about what type of impression he wanted to leave on his audience.

Chubs provided training and skill development. Happy had a lot of power, but no touch. One part of his game was strong, but Chubs helped him with the other parts of his game that were lacking.

Grandma provided the motivation. Grandma’s house was evicted and the only way to get it back was to play golf. Whenever he got down on himself, he remembered his goal of playing: to save grandma’s house.

Happy Gilmore is a great illustration of the coaches we need in life. They give us perspective, knowledge and guidance. If you want to develop and grow forward, turn to a coach!

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