Don’t Take it Personal!

Hearing criticism is challenging to deal with. Regardless where it comes from, our natural reaction is to get defensive. On the other hand, without feedback, you cannot measure your performance. How would you benefit if you changed your perspective on feedback?

Listen Objectively. Feedback is tough to take because we filter it subjectively. We take it as someone judging us and we miss the message. Some feedback can be painful, but if you can hear the objective message, you can go forward from there.

Learn From It. “Whatever doesn’t hurt me, makes me stronger.” This statement is both true and false. Feedback can hurt, but there is much to prosper from. Get past your ego, improve and move on. If you don’t repeat the same mistake again, you’ve probably learned from it.

Sense of Urgency. Past successes easily produce complacency. We react negatively to feedback because we think too highly of ourselves. I’m not saying to have low self-esteem, but don’t think you’re above reproach. Everyone can get better, including you! Don’t bask in your past glories. Act with a sense of urgency by focusing on the critical issues and be driven to win now!

Feedback gets easier to take, when you welcome it. Think about it. You learn more from your past failures than successes. What worked before, won’t necessarily work now. Make this attitude adjustment and personal growth is just around the corner!

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