REAL Leadership

We read about great leaders, but rarely do we get the chance to work alongside of them. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to experience two leaders up close whom I admire and respect.

Today I’d like to spotlight: John Dunn & Teresa Roberson.

John Dunn is the owner of Coast Produce.

Teresa Roberson is the Head of School at Calvary Christian School.

Here are just 3 traits that make them “great” at what they do:

Character: John and Teresa let their core values shine through them. They are more interested in developing their character, before their leadership abilities. They live what they say. When they speak, people believe them.

Relational: I watch the way John and Teresa treat and interact with others. They put people before tasks. They care about their workers and value each person’s well-being before their performance. They treat everyone with respect.

Humble: John and Teresa see the bigger picture. They do not think of themselves bigger than the organizations that they lead. They have their ego’s in check. They are grateful for the positions they are in and serve others accordingly.

Witnessing great leaders in person is rare. I am blessed to have worked under these two. Don’t try to emulate other leaders, instead learn from their example. Great examples of leadership inspire us to get better. Leadership is a process and we can gain much from observing those who are more experienced than we are. Who are you watching?

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