What are you scared of?

Fear is…Perception, not reality. We live in a fear-driven society that scares us into purchasing products we can’t use and services we don’t need. The media constantly highlights negative stories that prevent us from feeling safe. What if we took an above reproach towards fear? How would that change our outlook and behaviors? Here are three proactive ways to be victorious over fear:

1) Look at it Objectively. If the perception of fear is bigger than reality, then there is minimal danger. Our minds exaggerate negative thoughts to where they can almost be paralyzing. If we look at our fears objectively, we realize it’s completely mental. We are the most susceptible when we analyze our fears alone. Ask a trusted friend to shed a new perspective on your fears. Don’t let something “fake,” trick you into being real when it’s not.

2) Take Ownership. Now that you’ve identified your fear, what can you do about it? What steps can be taken to overcome it? Fear is something you have to prioritize and work on. Don’t let your fear be an excuse for moving forward. Once you strategize a game plan, implement it! Objectively identify it, own it, then get past it!

3) Have Faith. Believe you can get past your fear. It starts in your mind. Once you transform your thoughts concerning fear, your feelings and actions will follow. What would your life look like if you eliminated your fear(s)? How much more successful would you be? I’m not saying you won’t face new fears, but when you do, apply these same principles. Our imaginations are powerful enough to believe things are true when they actually aren’t. Remember if you believe, you can achieve!

Fear won’t disappear on it’s own. You have to work on it to make it go away. For example, if public speaking is a fear of yours, the only way to overcome it is by speaking in front of people! Fear can be a huge roadblock if you let it be. Fear can become failure when you don’t try. Practice getting over your fears. Start removing the obstacles in your way and experience more success and fulfillment today!

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