Various Benefits Offered By Bag-on-Valve Technology

The Bag-on-Valve technology can be described as a type of modern packing technology that helps improve your medical, cosmetic and food packaging. It offers plenty of benefits over traditional packaging systems. Here is a look at the benefits which highlight why this has become the popular packaging in the present day.

No More Wastage

Do you cringe over the amount of ketchup stuck at the bottom of the bottle and refuses to come out? Well, Bag-on-Valve technology ensures that consumers can use 99% of the product. It is no wonder that so many companies in the food and drinks industry have already shifted to Bag-on-Valve packaging systems. It even allows you to control the amount of product you use without making a huge mess.  

Easy To Transport

Since the Bag-On-Valve packaging system involves a leak-proof plastic bag with a sealed valve, it is a whole lot easier to transport than glass bottles. They also take up less space compared to plastic bottles filled with the same amount of product. With inflation pushing up logistic expenses, companies all across the world are embracing the Bag-on-Valve technology to reduce their overhead. 

Improves Lifespan of Product

The Bag-on-Valve technology ensures that the product does not come in contact with external elements. According to the experts at the Signature Filling Company, the pouch is made up of laminated films that prevent any interaction between the product and the environment. Thereby keeping the product away from dust, oxygen, contamination, gas, moisture, light and so on. This helps you keep your product sterile until it is used. Invariably it means an increased shelf life for products which is advantageous to brands.


Many brands are switching to bag-on-valve systems to package their products because of the sheer convenience it offers. You do not need to lug around a huge bottle of sunscreen the next time you visit the beach. The Bag-on-Valve pouch is easier to carry around and apply directly on to our skin as well. Packaging cream, lotion, and gel-based products have never been this easy before.

No More Leakage

Bag-on-Valve technology has been developed with attention to product integrity. This means that you will not have to experience any unfortunate leakage incidents. After all, nobody likes cleaning up messes.

Fully Recyclable

The recent climate changes have brought forth the importance of adopting sustainable methods of packaging. The bag-on-valve packaging system is as environment-friendly as it is recyclable. This will go a long way in reducing waste and emissions.

If you have a spray-on product, you can still pack it using the Bag-on-Valve technology. The technology ensures that the product remains separate from the propellant. The airless-one-way valve system and the modern pouch packaging ensure that the product remains secure at all times. Hence it becomes the best choice for those who travel frequently.

With all these benefits it offers, it is no wonder that Bag-on-Valve technology has become one of the most preferred methods of packaging today.