Where Did All the Free Time Go?


Time is money, but just because you have money it doesn’t mean you have the time to spend it. After college, most people dive into their careers and attempt to climb the corporate ladder. At the top, one realization is made…

“It’s not all I thought it was cracked up to be.” The equation we are taught at an early age is: go to school, get a good job and you’ll make enough money to buy what you want.” First of all, it’s not a linear process and second, what good is being “rich” if you don’t have any free time to enjoy it?

No matter how much money you earn, everyone has to make a concerted effort to carve out time to spend doing the things you love. That may involve buying stuff and/or spending time with people you love. Either way, without free time you’re out of luck. That’s why I created this 8 week course, to help you figure out how to make free time a priority again. You career may have given you an identity, but it doesn’t have to define you.