Are You Making The Most Of Your Office Space?

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When it comes to running any kind of successful business with lots of employees, it’s pretty likely that the central hub of operations for the entire thing is going to be the office. Even in the modern age, the office is still the place where you and your employees come together to work and collaborate in the most productive way possible. Of course, that’s how things are in an ideal world. The reality is that there’s a chance that you’re simply not using your office in the best way possible. It could be that your office is actually getting in the way of your business’s overall success. To make sure that that isn’t happening, here are a few ways in which you could be getting just a little bit more out of your business.


Far too often, business owners don’t give nearly enough thought the way that their office is laid out. For the longest time offices were simply arranged in rows of desks with a focus on making sure that every employee was as focused as possible. However, over time that changed and a greater focus on “open-plan” offices started to appear. Now, in theory, these are great since they offer the chance for a much less severe, stifling environment. However, they also bring with them some issues that you need to be aware of. For one thing, it can be tough to make sure that everyone is focused when things are so open and maintaining a sense of balance and discipline can be tough. Most of the time offices tend to try to find a middle ground between these two approaches, but you should think about what’s right for your business when figuring out your office’s layout.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business, and you need to make sure that your office is set up in such a way that your employees can communicate as effectively as possible. This doesn’t just mean arranging it in such a way that people can talk to each other more easily. It also means that you need to think about making sure that those members of your team who need to be able to communicate are able to do so as easily as possible. This means the arrangements of staff members within the office needs to be considered so that teams and individuals that are more likely to work closely together are able to connect in a more effective way. You should also make sure that your employees aren’t shut off from one another. To do that, why not get rid of dividing walls and replace them with glass partitions from somewhere like This will allow people to work separately, but it will also make sure that there isn’t too much of a sense of distance between different employees.   


Light is one of those things that people tend not to think about too much in an office. However, if you don’t have enough light coming into your office, you can bet that people are going to notice. Working in dim and dull lighting conditions, especially when they’re staring at screens all day can make life incredibly unpleasant for your employees. It can leave them feeling tired and sluggish, as well as leading to headaches and other problems. The best solution is to make sure that there is as much natural light in the office as possible. Large windows make a big difference there, and those glass partitions can be incredibly useful when it comes to spreading the light around the entire space as effectively as possible. If you need to use artificial light then make sure that it isn’t too harsh since too much cold, sterile light can make the office a pretty unpleasant atmosphere.


There’s no denying that technology is an integral part of any successful business in the modern age. After all, without embracing technology, you’re going to spend all of your time playing catch up with your competitors. However, if you’re not using the tech in your office properly, then it can cause more problems than it solves. For one thing, you need to make sure that you actually have the right tech for your business. Trying to fill the office with equipment that you don’t really need is going to be a waste of space as well as money. Not only that but you need to make sure that you’re keeping the equipment that you do have well maintained. It might feel like you’re spending a lot of time maintaining equipment but it would be a much bigger waste of time if it were to break. When that happens, the productivity of your business can grind to a complete stop.

Quiet spaces

While most of the time it’s good to have a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere for your employees, you shouldn’t neglect the need for spaces where they can find some peace and quiet. For one thing, you need to have spaces where they can go on their breaks to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. Not only that but not everyone benefits from working alongside other people all the time. For those people, it’s a good idea to have places where individuals or small teams can go to work on specific projects. The same goes for things like meeting rooms. Small discussions are always better off conducted in quiet spaces where people aren’t constantly talking over each other and fighting to be heard.

In the modern age of remote working and constant communication, it can often be pretty easy to think of the office as somewhat surplus to requirements for many new businesses. However, you really can’t underestimate the value of being able to spend time with your employees face to face. Not only does it allow you to get to know one another better and become more familiar, but it fosters genuine connections between people which are integral in helping everyone come together as a cohesive team.