Winsight Episode 47: March Madness

March Madness Bracket


Every sports fan loves this time of the year where life stops and 68 teams have the chance to win the NCAA title in a 3 week tournament. Will Kentucky go undefeated? Will Jahlil Okafor go #1 in the Draft? Who is this year’s Cinderella story?

To me, it’s the best event in sports all year and a definite distraction to workplaces for the next couple of weeks. But why the intrigue? Do people love the underdog story? Is it to win your office pool?

In discussing March Madness, these are the highlights that will be covered in this short podcast:

  • The David & Goliath “effect” and why we cheer against the favorite
  • When we see ourself as the “underdog” and want to overcome the “odds”
  • Maybe the reason why we love it so much is the passion we see on player’s faces…
  • In sports the goal is clear, but in life it isn’t that clear

What are you super passionate about? What are you chasing? If you’re not chasing something, what’s holding you back?

Winsight Episode 46: The Need for Rivalries

Rivals make you better



A rivalry is defined as: competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field

Since we talk about sports examples, here are some of the most heated rivalries: Lakers/Celtics, Yankees/Red Sox, Duke/UNC…

All are emotionally-charged & rooted in tradition and I’m sure you have your favorite rivalry too…

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • Who is/was your personal rival? What are you both competing for?
  • One of our main motivators is achievement. We need healthy competition to raise your standards.
  • In “Shark Tank” the investors always ask “who are your competitors?”
  • Your rival(s) push you harder than you can push yourself

Why are rivals necessary? How can your rival push you to achieve more? How can your rivals make you better?