What You Need To Do To Rise Up The Ranks

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

There’s not one business owner across the globe that isn’t interested in marketing, and there’s a good reason why. Without a strong marketing team and a stronger marketing plan, your business cannot thrive as well as it could. Search engine optimisation (and if you’re not familiar with the term, look here), should be a big part of your marketing plan. The whole idea of being online is to be seen, and as you may have deduced, Google has thousands of hits for every conceivable search. SEO involves editing the HTML code to make your company search engine friendly, thus rising you up the search ranks.

With good SEO comes quality traffic, and it’s this traffic that will improve your revenue streams and give your business more publicity – and who doesn’t want more publicity? Business is all about making a good profit and being a force of nature in the industry you want to thrive in, so you need to be looking to your marketing team to ensure that your company is ready to take on the challenge. Rising up the ranks is not always straightforward, but there are a lot of things that you can do to increase those search engine rankings and make sure that you are visible. Other than having a marketing team that is spot on, you could hire in experts like Inner Spark Creative, who can manage your SEO for you. We’ve put some of those things together for you here:

Tag, Tag, Tag

Implementing meta tags and title tags into your content and background HTML is so important for your company visibility. Title tags are important because this is what conveys your skills in marketing to the customers who look you up. The title tags that you use are going to be the key in getting your message across to the audience, and all the important information that you need to get out there into the world shines from this little area of space on your website. Every single page of your dedicated website should have these tags in them, so make a note for your next marketing meeting!

Content To Be Contented

Everyone, business owner or not, knows that it’s important to have good content on your business website. Content gets picked up in the search engines, keywords get picked up in the search engines, and you want to be able to offer something to your audience to make them want to buy from you. The one thing that’s important about content is that you don’t want to overdo it. Overstuffing your content with keywords can actually see your website as blacklisted from search engines, which is the last thing you want to do!

Links Are More Than Chains

Most companies embed links within their websites and content for clicks. Links are very valuable for gaining search engine ranks, and this is a tool you should be using throughout your company website. The more quality links you have in your website, the more popular your site can be in the search engines that people are looking for you in. Ensuring link acquisition is from reputable, relevant websites is going to make the difference that you need to have for increased rankings. Don’t just fit random links into your site, though, as all links should be relevant to what your business does!

Domain-ate Your Name

Before your company goes all out with the purchase of a domain name, you have to look for URLs that have the right keywords for your company. Confusing the search engines is not a good idea, as this then confuses the people that come to your site. You want your domain to be simple, effective and not overloaded with symbols. Make your domain name dominate the search engines and keep its relevancy to your website.

Coding, Coding, Coding

You may not be particularly IT literate, but your marketing team should be. There should be at least one HTML fluent member of your main marketing team, as HTML is the code you should be using to be found. Search engine spiders are simple, which means they need simple writing (ie, HTML) to be able to read the code. Writing your website in Flash is far more likely to confuse the search engine spider, so stick to HTML and make your website stand out.

Make It Easy

People will visit your website expecting to be able to find all the information that they need with relative ease. It’s up to you to provide them the means to be able to do this. This means having a sitemap on your website, good drop-down menus and a search bar so that you can give your site visitors the easiest and best experience possible. If you have links in your website that are broke and mashed together, you’re going to put people off. It’s important to remember that sitemaps are a search engine necessity, and a good, solid sitemap will be more beneficial than anything else.


A business with a blog is a business with a purpose. If you have a blog, you’re telling the world that you know you have something relevant to say. Your blog is your platform to discuss what you’re doing and how you’re doing it and it gives your business a personality. Having a blog on your website increases your likeability, and the links you can embed in the blog are all going to go a long way to attracting the right audience. Blog posts get indexed throughout search engines, and if you’re using the right keywords, you can rise the ranks and people can find you.

SEO is important, but you have to make sure that you are tailoring your website to people and not just the search engine bots. Aiming your website in the right way to the right people should be able to keep you up the top of the search engine listings, and rising through the ranks of the web pages can only serve your company well. Get your marketing team on the ball and make your website stand out there. Be a big fish in a big pond!