Small Businesses: Here’s How You Can Get More Customers!

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

Perhaps you’ve set up a business and are wondering how to get the ball rolling. Maybe you’ve been trading for a while and it’s doing ok, but you’re wondering how to boost business. Perhaps things were going well but you experienced a drop recently in orders. Either way, here are a few ways you can boost your customers.

Perfect Your Website

Your website is likely to be the first thing your customers see when they come in contact with your business. Therefore something that looks smart, professional and is easy to navigate is essential. If your current site looks amateurish you could well be putting people off before they’ve properly had the chance to look. A smart website looks professional and builds trust with customers. It shows you’re a legitimate company who will deliver what they say, not just a scam or rip off. This is one area of your business you should invest in, use a professional web designer and have them create you something custom. It should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and quick to load. Research has shown that a website that takes more than three seconds to load would put off a vast majority of potential customers to the point that they would never return. If you want to snag those customers, your site is an important area to address.

Get Your Marketing Strategy Right

Marketing is everything, it’s how you’re able to compete with your much more established competition. You can’t set up a business and expect people to come flooding in, your potential customers need to know that you exist. This can be a tricky area so working with a professional marketing agency could be the way to go. They will help you improve your backlinks and SEO, how to navigate social media and how to improve things like your net promoter score – the vital E-commerce KPI. This is a metric that shows how many of your customers would be willing to recommend a product or service to others. These kinds of things are very important and could mean a huge increase in customers.  

Have a Responsive App Made

In the past year, sales on tablets and smartphones overtook that of computers and laptops for the first time. This is important to note as a business owner, as if you don’t move with the times you could be missing out on customers. While your site should be optimized for all devices, a proper app too allows you to get your business onto the phones of your customers which is a very powerful place to be. When you have an app on places like Apple’s App Store you have to be verified, so when customers see you on here they know it’s safe to shop with you and you are a legitimate business.

These are just three areas where you might currently be lacking or failing in your company. Take a look at each and make the necessary changes and you should see and increase in orders being placed.