Seven Ways To Make Your Online Business Stand Out

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

Many millennials are stepping away from the traditional world of work and choosing to start their own businesses. The internet has made setting up on your own easier than ever, and many young people are successfully running online businesses, selling everything from their own jewelry to coaching sessions for other business hopefuls.

  1. Set up a professional looking website. There are lots of tools online now to help you create a website that looks slick. If you’re new to setting up websites, look at easy to use platforms like Wix, WordPress or Squarespace, and use a template to create your first sites. Make sure it works properly and is easy to navigate. 
  2. Create a business profile on Google. Many people overlook this, but make sure you fill out the profile in full. Add your location, hours and services. Also add relevant photos of your business and projects, as well as links to any recent blog posts. Encourage customers to leave you reviews on Google too. Verify your business with Google My Business to help boost your search rankings. 
  3. Choose packaging that stands out. If you’re shipping out physical products, using packaging that looks good when it arrives will make your business more memorable. Choose poly mailers in the same colors as your branding or in fun patterns.
  4. Embrace video. Video gets a large amount of web traffic, and can really boost your search rankings. YouTube is still one of the main platforms for video, but Facebook also has great options for video too. Upload directly to Facebook to get your videos to perform better on the timeline and get more views. Video content can be used to showcase your products and services, and show off your business. 
  5. Create How To content. How To content tends to perform well on search engines, as it naturally builds in keywords that your customer base are searching for. Content like this solves problems for your customers, building trust. Guides are really shareable, helping them to perform well on social media too. Use your area of expertise to create this content. For example, if you’re a blogger, create guides on SEO tips for other bloggers. If you sell cakes, create videos of tips for creating decorative icing at home.
  6. Get on social media. If you’re not making the most of social media, your business will quickly fall behind. Most of us spend a lot of time online, particularly on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Meet your customers where they are by making sure your business is on social, with properly branded social profiles. Use your campaigns to engage your audience, not just talk at them. Encourage conversation, not just advertising. 
  7. Show off good reviews. Customer reviews are a good way to enhance your online presence. Show testimonials on your website and encourage customers to review your business on social media. If you use an online marketplace, take reviews there too. Reviews build trust with potential customers, and help you gather feedback to improve your company.