How To Become A More Skilled And Talented Individual

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It’s safe to say that everyone in the world wants to be at the pinnacle of their potential in every walk of life. It’s only natural to want to be the best at whatever hobby, discipline or work you’re involved in – and if not THE best, then certainly one of the best. It can be quite frustrating not achieving what you set out due to lack of skill – it could even bring someone down. We all want to have the skills to get through challenges that we face and live the best possible life with all the confidence in the world.

If you’re wandering through life not quite getting to grips with how to improve yourself and whatever skills you have, let’s take a little look at a few simple ways to solve that puzzle.      


The first thing to do is, like a lot of things, to look into what it is that you need to do. It sounds simple, but the answer is often very simple – especially when you’re stuck in your own head worrying about what the next action is.

Be More Organized

Being able to plan out your life and the steps you take in it is a significant skill in itself, but keeping to an organized routine will ensure that you can plot out when to take specific steps in achieving your goal.

Go Back To School

Perhaps you need to take a step back and hit the education scene again? People all over the world are taking this route, and it makes a big, positive difference in a lot of their lives. You’re never too old to learn new things.

Change Career

You might find that a huge change in your life is needed in terms of your job. Perhaps you’ve hit a wall with where you are, and you need to be able to learn new things in an entirely new environment. You often get the best out of yourself when you do something you enjoy. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a pilot? You might find yourself doing a masters in aviation one day and, in the process, you’ve achieved a whole lot using a whole range of talents from different facets of your work history. Sometimes change is helpful.  

Set Goals

A way to keep focussed on the things you want to do and to keep motivated on them is to set goals along the way – small goals and big ones. Looking at the bigger picture and reminding yourself what is it that you’re hoping for every day will keep you on track. Setting out little challenges also helps you as it enables you to track your progress. Also, the feeling of reaching goals and ticking off challenges is a great feeling – it keeps you going.   

Embrace Failure

Something that a lot of people tend to do is they get down at failure. When things start to go bad they feel negative and that it’s all pointless. No. Failure is great. Keep on failing. The way you progress and progress and progress is to keep messing up and trying again.

What To Do After Graduation

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Graduating is a fantastic achievement but working out what you want to do next is the next biggest challenge and adjusting to life after university can be tough. There are many different routes you can take as you consider what to do after university – and everyone’s journey will be different, so have a look and see what might suit you:

Get A Graduate Job

Most new graduates come out of university and are looking for a job if this is the route you want to take then the first place to start is your university’s careers service, which can provide support and direction. You also need to put yourself out there to get noticed so work on building contacts with industry professionals which can be done through work experience, attending networking events and through Linkedin. If you are struggling to find the right job straight after graduation fill your time with internships, volunteering, part-time work or some work shadowing as this will look great on your CV and increase your chances of getting the right job you’re looking for.

Start Your Own Business

If you are having trouble finding your dream job, then do you think it’s something you could create for yourself? There are now many companies that support start-ups, hubs where people can meet to discuss ideas and programs to help you on your way and to turn your idea into a reality. If you can manage to get your business idea off the ground, then the benefits include making your own decisions, the control over who you work with and the type of work you do, freedom to work when you like on projects that you choose and the flexibility to fit work commitments in with the rest of your life.

Continue To Study

You could also look at returning to university to study at postgraduate level. However, you’ll need to make sure that you are taking this on for the right reasons. To make it worth the time and the money you do need a real desire to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth. Whatever you do, don’t take on a Masters degree to buy yourself some time or to boost general employability. Courses are expensive and unnecessary for specific jobs, so this is why you need to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and the right field. For example, undertaking medical office assistant training will qualify you for entry-level positions such as medical assistants, lab assistants, caregivers and will also mean you’re eligible to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) examinations.

Take A Gap Year

Before settling down into a work routine, you could take a gap year. Backpacking makes you a much more exciting job candidate and can make you more employable in the long run. Taking time out to travel demonstrates maturity, good organization and planning skills and self-sufficiency. Working while traveling is also a great way to boost your CV and develop a range of skills and can give you some time to weigh up your options and decide where your professional interests lie.