National Coach Academy Review of Growing Forward

National Coach Academy

The professional coach behind the Growing Forward coaching service is a former youth pastor. This fact alone should give anyone looking for solid and effective coaching services reasons to be hopeful. Youth pastors help teenagers and young adults resolve personal issues and develop effective new attitudes as well as address attitudes and mindsets that may be holding them back. Best of all, youth pastors are trained to reach people on an emotional level in a ‘real’ and personal way without the often off-putting ‘clinical’ ambiance of professional psychotherapy or other more formal types of counseling.

Besides the training of the person behind Growing Forward, Scott Asai, what makes this particular coaching service interesting is that it focuses on a holistic ‘meaning-based’ approach to personal coaching. We all need a sense of meaning. We all need a sense of purpose. In fact, if we’re all honest, we can all trace our issues to how this deep and fundamental need is, or is not, being met in our lives.

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