A Few Essential Equipment Indispensable For Any Lab

Except for any physical testing laboratory, every other lab whether operating in the medical industry or chemical industry needs a variety of testing equipment. Depending upon the extent of their field of operation, the testing equipment also varies accordingly.

Some of these equipments may be worth thousands of dollars, while some may just be a few dollars for a gross unit. Nevertheless, there are still a few pieces of equipment that are common to almost all the testing laboratories.

  • A Weigh Scale

The operational procedure for each and every lab follows certain standards. Right from the sampling to testing and consequently to making the observations, the procedure is well defined. As far as the sampling is concerned, quick and accurate measurement is pretty crucial.

Although it is quite impossible to strictly omit all errors, but precision can be optimized. One such instrument which is used in sampling is a weigh scale. There are various tests and results that need mass evaluation. Making this, otherwise insignificant, piece of equipment highly valuable.

  • Measuring Cups

Following the weigh scale, next in queue is a measuring cup. Frequently used for measuring solutions and liquids for preparation of stock solutions or for other applications, measuring cups are another such indispensable piece of equipment.

Often, in almost every industry that conducts tests using chemicals and solutions, measuring cups of varying volumetric capacity are employed. They are not meant for extracting any liquid but measure a fixed volume. For example, a 50 ml cup is useful in measuring 50 ml and not 45 ml.

  • Pipettes And Burettes

Quite often, there arises a need to extract a small volume of a solution from a stock solution, for titration purpose. Let’s say the lab operator needs just 5 ml of a dye solution from an already prepared solution in bulk for testing. In such cases, pipettes can be pretty helpful.

With pipettes, the only concern is calibration. There are many ISO certified companies that offer Pipette Calibration levels of service for single channel pipettes, to ensure the results of tests remain unchanged due to repetitive testing and observation.

  • Agitators For Homogeneous Mixing

Similarly, for the preparation of solutions, in any quantity, proper and efficient mixing of the components is essential. This could be achieved with the help of an agitator. These are electronic devices that vibrate to facilitate the intermixing of two components placed within the equipment.

The speed of agitation can be changed with the help of a knob that increases or decreases the voltage supplied to the harmonic motor.

  • Burners To Facilitate Titrations

Lastly, there are burners. Certain titrations require a threshold temperature to begin. Some reactions are sped up on increasing the temperature. Nevertheless, having a mini burner set in the lab helps with titrations in one or the other way. These are simply indispensable, for the sake of unprecedented necessity of heating for a number of reactions and testing alike.

These pieces of equipment are pretty indispensable for almost any laboratory that deals with new technologies and their behavior. Depending upon the structure and size of the industry, the type of equipment may vary, but they would still serve the same purpose.