Winsight Episode 11: DIFM (Do It For Me)

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Ever heard of D-I-Y or Do it Yourself?¬†Well, we’ve almost moved past that to D-I-F-M or Do It For Me. Think about it. Uber and Lyft exist so someone else can drive you to where you need to go. Lexus created an auto-park feature for its car. Subscription boxes are becoming more popular because not only do you get something delivered to you, but most of the time it’s a surprise so you don’t even have to make a decision on what to buy. This sort of “concierge” mentality can be viewed as a bit ridiculous, but what implications does this have for you?

In this episode we will discuss:

How service-based businesses have been forward thinking for a long time

Why living where you do may be the biggest innovative advantage you have

The one thing you must measure before you start any business

The difference between a hobby and business

What type of DIFM ideas do you have? Please share and I’m sure the feedback will help refine it!