Winsight Episode 21: Recipe for Success

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If you’ve read business books, online articles or things of that nature you’ve heard inspiring stories of successful business ventures gone right. What you don’t realize is that represents about 1% of what business owners really experience. I mentioned in a prior episode that the fail rate for a first time business is 80%. Those are the statistics that don’t get publicized because it doesn’t “sell” well.

What you should really be taking a closer look at is a successful serial entrepreneur. Someone who has taken his/her formula and plugged it into several businesses over and over again with positive results. The business (or the product) gets the glory, but the recipe for success is actually the process repeated.

In this episode, I’ll share the following examples:

How Terry made the transition from real estate to restaurants seamlessly

What a special recipe and unique selling point have in common

How we think of businesses “backwards”

The role of a system and how it can transform your business

After listening to this episode, what ingredients are in your recipe for success? Has your focus on your dream changed? If so, how?