Generate More Revenue During The New Year Dip

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There are two ways that the New Year and festive season is going to have gone for you. You’re either going to be the type of business who is in hot demand at that time of yes. Perhaps you were selling gifts that everyone wanted. Or, you would have gone through a period of financially suffering, just because your business isn’t selling anything that’s needed for the festive season. Whatever your business went through, it probably hasn’t recovered yet. We’re going through what’s called a New Years dip, and pretty much every business is going through it. This is pretty much the only time of year where the majority of the nation has no money. Everyone is all spent out from the festive activities, and the next pay isn’t until the end of the month for the average person. So money can be a little tight, especially if everything was left until the last minute over Christmas. So, we’re going to show you how you can boost your revenue in this time of need, without having to invest more than you can. Keep on reading to find out more.

Trade Events & Conferences

Trade events and conferences are an idea that’s missed by so many businesses out there. If every business decided to attend every trade or business event in their niche, the events would be completely overrun with businesses. Instead, you’ll find slots empty where stools could have been, and a market that’s ready to tackle because the customers still show up. Display stands are easy to source and set up, and that day isn’t very taxing. All you have to be able to do is talk the talk to the customers and you’ll make the sales. It’s impossible to walk away from the event without at least gaining one sale. That might be one more than you would make in the office! 

A Sale To Boost Sales

This plan is either going to work really well for your business, or it can have a negative effect. It all depends on what sale you put on and how well you market it. Reduce items that you know you make the most profit on. You don’t want to reduce the price of the items you barely make money on as it is. If you’re selling services, put a services wide sale on. You’ll attract more attention, and it’s easier to make more money when you’re in control of the work that’s being done. You could put in extra effort to complete the services, getting them done in the same amount of time as you usually would. 


This is something to consider for the next festive season, however long that might be away. You could shut down your whole business for two weeks over Christmas. If you barely make any sales at that time of year, it isn’t going to negatively impact them. If anything, it would be saving them. You wouldn’t be buying parts for production that weren’t getting used!