Space, Place, and Supplies: Ways To Improve Your Warehouse Operations

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The humble warehouse has somewhat been left behind in the modern business world. It seems to get short shrift because it is purely viewed as a storage facility. However, if you want to make your warehouse a far more efficient operation, you need to rethink the entire approach. An efficient warehouse is critical, not just for a business, but it will contribute towards proper customer satisfaction. With this in mind, what does it really take to improve your warehouse efficiency?

Adopting “Lean” Inventory

This is just as important in a warehouse environment as it is in manufacturing. The premise of lean is to get what you need and nothing more. This means that you’ve got to look at what is essential in a very short space of time. When you look at the “cogs” of the warehouse, it boils down to transportation. Forklifts are one of those essentials that keep your warehouse efficient, and this is why you would have to be lean with regard to your forklift mechanics. And while PBM forklift battery chargers and forklift parts are essential, it is vital that we still operate with a lean mindset, because this will help us to not over-order, which clutters up the warehouse, but it also helps in terms of the relationship with our suppliers. If the supplier delivers smaller quantities on a regular basis, it gives us a better opportunity to keep track of the inventory, but it’s also a regular working relationship with external providers. 

Optimizing All the Available Space

One of the biggest problems many warehouses have is they believe they need to expand the footprint of their warehouses, but warehouses are better off making use of vertical space. Taller storage units are a great way to maximize space, and this is where forklifts and similar vehicles become invaluable. It allows you to keep within the same square feet and not add to your bottom line. You should also reconsider your type of stacking, for example, pallet racks will waste space if you store small items on them, so think about different types of shelving for a variety of different materials. 

Better Labor Efficiency

It is important to have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve efficiency, and while this can automate a lot of processes, there are many processes that do not benefit from a WMS. In which case, you will need to create lists manually. You can use your WMS to analyze material usage patterns and improve processes, but you will need human input to streamline operations, especially if you’re trying to eliminate picking delays. 

Utilizing Your Place in the Supply Chain

It is said time and time again that the key to building great relationships is communication. And if you are to improve your warehouse operations, you shouldn’t just think about the internal operations, you need to consider the bigger picture. Warehouses are a crucial part of the supply chain, but this means that if you are to improve your warehouse operations, you must recognize your piece of the puzzle. Once you start to recognize the bigger picture and how you belong to it, it provides that little bit of extra insight.

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