The Power Of Branded Merch & Why it Matters

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A brand needs to be seen to exist. Yet, when you are competing for attention against thousands of other brands, you need to be creative to get noticed. Ultimately, the more memorably you make your brand, the easier it is to attract new customers. There’s a reason why highly visible marketing activities such as banners or vehicle wraps remain a favorite. They boost visibility, brand awareness and drive acquisition forward. They also give a new dimension to the brand by placing the logo onto a tangible and physical platform. 

We are do-ers. We naturally remember things better when we go through the motion of physical and tangible activity. Every student trying to learn new skills knows that the best way of improving their knowledge is through doing rather than reading. The same principle applies to brand memory. Giving your audience something they can touch enhances brand memory. Here are 5 branded merch ideas that nail it.

Health and mental health audience

If your audience has a strong health interest, it is something you can support through smart merch. Interestingly enough, there are two ways to merch health products. You can partner with a health product provider to create a unique preroll packaging design, for example, for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. This could be a great way of getting your brand out there if the design is relevant to your audience group. 

You could also create your branded add-on, such as a fitness tracker wristband that would fit Fitbit or an Apple Watch devices. 

Lifestyle audience

Lifestyle and fashion audiences will appreciate wearable merch that is comfy and practical. A branded tee could be a no-go as most of us have a huge collection of t-shirts. Yet, a cozy and warm hoodie with your brand’s motto can make sure your brand will gain more visibility.

Gourmet and foodie audience

You can’t use mugs as merch items. Every kitchen cupboard is overflowing with mugs. Instead, opt for something your foodie audience might appreciate, such as beer glasses, coaster, or even a set of snack bowls. Ideally, gourmet merch is best suited to food businesses, but it’s a conversation starter in the fitness, nutrition, and leisure industries. 

Children audience

If your products are aimed at kids or families, you can turn your merch strategy into a family assistant. Quality coloring books, for instance, will keep little ones occupied when parents are busy. Soft and safe toys, such as inflatable beach balls or squishy balls, are a great option too. Parents are also going to be grateful for everyday accessories such as sunglasses or socks. Kids are prone to accessories on the playground, so it’s always great to have replacement items! 

Pet lover audience

If your brand focuses on pet lovers, such as dog-friendly hotels or pet food, you could use your merch to broader your reach. Branded pet collars or leads, for instance, will get you noticed in a dogs’ park. A branded food bowl,  especially if it can be engraved for VIP customers, is also guaranteed to drive interest. 

Merch items are designed to be seen. They need to integrate smoothly into the lifestyle of your audience groups, so you can be sure they will use them. The more use your free merch gets, the more likely existing customers are to turn into advocates. Who should get merch products? As a priority, VIP customers, winners of promotional events or competitions, and overspenders should be the first to receive your unique merch items.

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