Striking Store Front Display Ideas

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If you have finally got to the point of owning your very own shop premises – congratulations! Now you’ll have to answer one of the most important marketing questions you’ll face yet; what should you put in the shop window? Your storefront should entice customers whilst letting them know exactly what you provide. This could range from your best, key products, to something more artistic. If you’ve ever wandered down a main street at Christmas time, you’ll know that big brands pour millions of dollars into incredible festive displays… and yet you can also create something exciting all year round, for a fraction of the budget.

Simple and Effective

The simplest solution, as described above, is to place your most attractive products front and centre in the window. However, you’ll still want to decide how to present them. Do you use conventional shelving, or floating platforms? Do you want to create a sleek, minimalist vibe, or perhaps you could decorate the window to put a greater spotlight on your products? A bold move could be to fill the entire window with copies of a single item, creating a striking kaleidoscope to entice your customers in.

Add a Natural Element

People love nature, and being surrounded by it makes us happy. You could add a natural element to your window displays by incorporating flowers and plants to really bring your storefront to life. If you want to use cut flowers, you’ll need to consult with a floral cooler manufacturer – installing a cooler system will help the flowers stay looking fresh and vibrant for longer. This is a great, beautiful way to make your shop stand out amongst all the other, creating a natural, organic aesthetic that will make passersby long to enter your wonderful space.

Go Abstract

Now, flowers and products are all very well – but how about thinking even more out of the box? Commissioning an artist or graphic designer to come up with a display that represents you in a more abstract style might be an expense, but you could end up with something completely stylish and unique. There is no limit to the fun you can have with a store window display, from colorful scenes to intriguing sculptures, all designed to make people stop and stare – and then come in to see what it’s all about! You can find inspiration everywhere, from a quick search online to simply wandering around your local town and seeing what’s on display.

Kinetic and Fun

If you want to go that extra mile, there’s nothing better than adding movement to your shop window. A kinetic design, one that moves, can help grab onto peoples’ attention as they go about their day. A mechanical or wind-up structure could be fun. Depending on your business type, you could even create something interactive – this is particularly effective for toy shops or other stores aimed at children, as it will make them beg their parents to go inside so they can try operating it for themselves. Movement as part of your display is a fantastic idea, and well worth investigating.

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