Making Your Business Accessible To All

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Abled bodied people rarely have difficulty accessing the products and services of most businesses. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for those that are differently-abled. Of course, not only is such a situation discriminatory in nature, but it prevents your business from serving a whole demographic of people as well. Happily, there are some things you can do to make sure your business is accessible to all. Read on to find out what they are. 

Laws and rights 

The inclusion of differently-abled people in your business isn’t just a matter of laws and rights. Although there are plenty that cover this topic. Many of which you must adhere to or be willing to face the full impact of the law.


In fact, accessibility for all is also an ethical issue. One in which business owners have a duty to provide equal access to all of their customers. 

It is also an issue that if handled correctly, that can reflect very well on your company. In fact, do not underestimate the value of humanizing your business, and showing that you care about individuals as well as profits. In fact, there is often significant PR kudos to be earned drawing attention to your inclusivity strategies. 

Wheelchair ramps 

One crucial step you can take in improving the accessibility of your business is to invest in wheelchair ramps. In fact, a handicap ramp can help people of all physical abilities access your physical premises. Such as those in wheelchairs, as well as older customers with limited mobility. Ramps can even be helpful to those that are going through a temporary healing process from an injury like a broken leg. 

Additionally, such ramps make entering and exiting your building lot safer for everyone. They can even be of use to families with pushchairs and prams as well. Something that genuinely will make your business as accessible to all as possible. 

Dedicated shopping times 

Another strategy that many businesses use is dedicated shopping or service using time. That is time is set aside for particular groups of people, something that makes it a lot easier and more pleasant for them to gain access to your products and services. 

One example of this is retail establishments providing priority shopping for older and vulnerable people. An advantage of this being that the company involved can offer extra support during this time. While it also means the experience will be calmer for relevant customers as well. 

Online access 

Finally, it is also vital that your business does not accidentally discriminate against the differently-abled with its online provision as well. After all, while many people find it easy to use a computer and navigate their way online, this is not the case for all. 

In fact, accidental discrimination may be less easy to identify. For example, those that are colorblind may struggle to use your website or receive the message that your marketing materials convey. If you do not consider them in their design.

Also, additional support for those with hearing or sight issues may be needed so they can use your website. Something that it is vital to consider and action when designing your online customer interfaces.

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