The Ergonomics Of Career Productivity

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Millennials, baby boomers and Generation X – they all have one thing in common, and it’s the need to be productive. No one ever stood out from the crowd or got a promotion without working hard. Output is the common feature employers and clients look for when deciding to hand out rewards. Unfortunately, it’s not as if you can click your fingers and suddenly be at the top of the productivity tree. As weird as it sounds, something as small as your chair can stop you from showing your best self. 

Yes, people, ergonomics are real and have a legitimate impact on your career. So, please take the time to check out these four tips on how to set up your workspace like a pro.

Invest In Quality Apparatus

The equipment you use has an impact on your posture, which directly affects your comfort, which then has a knock-on effect on motivation. Evidently, and there is more information here, all it takes is the correct chair and desk to transform your comfort levels. The problem is the cost – the majority of people won’t splash out. The trick is to see the expenses as investments rather than overpriced fees. Once you view your workspace as integral to pushing your career forward, it becomes a lot easier to authorize the funds.

Light It Up But Don’t Glare

Lighting is a crucial element of productivity. Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop or at the office, you’ll won’t have the same sense of inspiration if there is no natural light. It’s as if you’re in a prison cell rather than a workplace that values your contributions. Opening the blinds, then, goes a long way. However, then you get glare on sunny days. What to do? The solution is straightforward in the winter because the sun has its hat on, but you can’t do the same in the summer. Instead, you should rely on ambient lighting to create a nice atmosphere. That way, you can close the blinds and reduce glare without replicating dungeon lighting!

Add Greenery

There isn’t much to say about plants other than a single word: oxygen. Yes, plants and flowers absorb CO2 and release O2, meaning that your workspace doesn’t get stuffy. Too often, offices are filled with stale air that prevents people from feeling motivated or thinking creatively. A houseplant here and a flower there will ensure there is a steady stream of air filling your nostrils going to your brain and vital organs.

Sounds Good

There’s a distinction between background sound and noise. The latter is unhealthy, whereas the former is pretty productive. It drowns out the stuff that prevents us from focusing, enabling you to work without cursing the chatty person next to you. Nobody cares about your weekend, Tom! A fantastic piece of kit is a pair of noise-canceling headphones as they perform as advertised. Other than that, you can put in normal earbuds and listen to music that you know boosts your concentration levels.

For more advice on ergonomics and productivity, you can take a look here at this infographic. It might revolutionize your career!

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