Thinking About Becoming A CPA? Navigating The Process To Your Next Career

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For those who are looking to be a leader in their field, it seems there’s an insane amount of exams to go through. To be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) it can be a worthwhile career choice, but the exams alone can be so stressful that it feels like going back to school! When going through the exams it can be a very stressful process. so what do you need to know about the CPA exam? 

Prepare As Much As You Can!

It is such a difficult process to go through, that statistically, the pass rate is under 50% according to the AICPA, but to put it in a positive light, there are 50% of people who are successful! And sometimes, preparation is key! It is an exam after all, so making sure that you have the best learning practices yourself as opposed to cramming at the last minute is a much better approach when it comes to preparing for an exam. It’s worth examining the leaders in their field to get some inspiration; a company like Roberts Accounting Solutions can be invaluable in their help.

Understand The Exam Environment

Any exam environment is incredibly daunting, so by understanding that environment as opposed to being afraid of it, you will better prepare yourself for the “atrocities” that lie ahead. Taking a mock exam will help to solidify that feeling so that you don’t crumble under the pressure. The CPA exam itself is 4 hours long, and is broken down into three tests and seven simulations. As an exam environment is always a fight against the clock, by learning to structure how long you need to answer each individual question, this will keep you on track and focused. By allowing 1 and a half minutes per question and 13 minutes for each simulation you can actually factor in 3 five minute bathroom breaks, or if you prefer to work solidly in one chunk, you can have one 15-minute bathroom break.

Learn How To Learn!

If you don’t take on any study material before embarking on the CPA exam, it’s like walking into a snake pit covered in rabbits! In other words, you need to make sure that you research which CPA review material that you would like to do. So pick one that will help you keep the information retained in your brain and provide the relevant support to help you learn the best you can. There are websites like Beat the CPA which gives you the option to compare courses that suit your learning style and budget.

Don’t Try To Guess!

When studying and looking through your CPA review course, you’re likely to see lots of multiple-choice questions, which you may think is more likely to give you a better result because you can have a random guess if you don’t know the answer! However, this will not help you when the exam rears its ugly head. Instead, you’re better off trying to learn the material and topics, as each exam has simulations. The simulations are essentially a summary of the topics that you have been learning throughout your CPA studying, so your best approach is to attempt all of the sample simulation questions as well as prepare for the exam itself by taking as many mock ones as you can. This will shift your brain into the “thinking” approach as opposed to attempting to memorize everything parrot-fashion.

A little nugget of information: breathe! Breathing encourages more oxygen to flow around your body and into your brain. It will also help you feel calmer. The next time you feel yourself getting stressed out, pause, and take a deep breath. You’re nearly at your dream career. Good luck!

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