What Kind Of Career Can A Biology Degree Lead To?

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Have an interest in all things organic? If you have a bachelor’s degree in biology, then you have the building blocks of a very challenging and perhaps lucrative career. Here, we’re going to look at some of the options, from research to healthcare and beyond.

A career in healthcare

If you feel like you’re not quite done with your education just yet, then you could consider moving from a bachelor’s degree in biology to medical school. Becoming a doctor requires a lot of study, more than just about any of the other options here, but it is also one of the easier careers here to start making a good wage in. Plus, there are plenty of options for specialization, meaning a lot of room for further growth as your career goes on.

Become a research technician

Find that you love the lab, as well as the skills and techniques that go into academic and collaborative research? There are plenty of organizations and companies looking for good biological research technicians. You could be helping with clinical trials or carrying out the latest cancer drug treatments with a transgenic mouse. A lot of companies work with research technicians, from government agencies to medical schools, not to mention private businesses within the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Research assistants tend not to make too much, but the highest earners can make salaries of over $70k.

Working in education

You don’t have to be applying your biology knowledge in the field to make a career out of it. A lot of people who get into the sciences find that their enthusiasm might lie with helping others get into those same sciences. You will need additional teaching qualification, but you could end up working in a classroom, lecture hall, or lab, helping young people get the skills they need for their own careers in the sciences. A career in education doesn’t always have to mean being in school, however, as museums have need of scientific experts, too.

Selling in the medical and pharmaceutical fields

If you want a career that offers plenty of room to become lucrative and you have a keen mind for business as well as biology, then selling pharmaceutical and medical products could be the right path for you. This career demands a strong knowledge of the products you’re selling as well as chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. This career usually involves selling products and drugs to doctors, practices, and medical boards, not patients themselves. If you have strong interpersonal and communication skills, then you could work your way up to make salaries that are in the six figures.

Biology is a very wide field of science, with plenty of opportunities for a career in it beyond what was just mentioned here. Scientific knowledge and experience of the scientific method can be applied in fields outside of the sciences, as well. For instance, many who spend their education in a lab can find a career behind a keyboard as a financial or data analyst. It’s all about learning where you want to apply those skills.

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