5 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

You can have the premium product amongst your competitors or provide the best service in the world but if you don’t effectively market them to your prospective clients then no one will ever know about them. Marketing and sales go hand in hand in the business world, working alongside and with one another to help you successfully turn a profit. When it comes to marketing there are two main options available to you, to conduct it in house, or to outsource it to a marketing agency, and more businesses than ever are choosing to do the latter. Here are five reasons to consider outsourcing your marketing activity. 

  1. To access the all-important data
    Marketing agencies such as Locals Talk have the luxury of working with many different companies and conducting marketing activities on a very large scale. This diversity often helps marketing agencies to accrue valuable data about what does and doesn’t work and can help them to ensure that their clients’ marketing campaigns perform without the need for expensive campaign testing. Data-driven marketing is the key to marketing success and agencies are the ones who have it.

  2. To keep their teams small
    For small companies, hiring a marketing team can be costly, especially if they are looking to recruit individuals with a good degree of experience. To avoid high recruitment costs and the responsibility of having a large team that require regular salary payments in house, many small businesses and startups are instead outsourcing their marketing activity, allowing them to have their campaigns handled by experienced individuals at a lower monthly cost.

  3. To give them peace of mind
    Overseeing a business is hard work and outsourcing their marketing activity can take one big chunk of it off of a company CEO or Founders plate. Dealing with an agency often means dealing directly with one person who is responsible for keeping good relations with you as their client, so instead of managing the internal workings of a team this allows businesses owners to sit back and relax knowing that their marketing efforts are in hand and someone is working to provide them with a good quality service.

  4. To support their in house marketing team
    Outsourcing marketing activity needn’t be an all or nothing approach and many businesses use outsourcing as a way to support their preexisting in house marketing teams’ efforts. This enables smaller companies to remain in control of their marketing activity whilst working as though they have a much larger internal team helping them to deliver large scale marketing projects consistently.

  5. To gain access to experience
    Experience costs money and for those companies on a budget, the best way to ensure that your marketing activity is being handled by professionals who are masters of their craft is to outsource it to a marketing agency that handles their high salaries. Although in the long run, outsourcing may cost you more than an internal team, it does give companies the opportunity to pay for the help of experienced individuals on their marketing activity when they need it and to stop paying when they don’t.

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