5 Tips For A Greener Company

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It’s no secret that eco-friendly practices should be a top priority for businesses and households alike. Perhaps you’ve got your recycling sussed at home- but haven’t evaluated your green-office practices lately? Regardless of the eco-friendly system you currently have in place, efforts to improve ongoing can be both cost-effective and beneficial for branding. With improvement tactics in mind, let’s consider five ideas to help you out. 

Introduce Transport Schemes

When you have lots of employees driving to work, you’ll collectively be producing a high amount of carbon emissions. Many companies have started to encourage carpooling schemes to reduce their carbon footprint as a whole. Another great idea can be to implement a ‘cycle to work scheme.’ It can be handy to offer an incentive or two for participants. (Offering incentives can encourage people to brave the bad weather by bike)! All you need is investment in a few bike shelters and you’re good to go. 

Upgrade Your Machines

Giving your machines an upgrade could help to conserve energy overall. From your computers to your printers, lights, and coffee machines; ensure that all machines and appliances have an energy star rating. Older equipment may not be up to the latest energy-saving standards. You could end up with waste and high electricity bills by using older appliances. Invest in water-conserving dishwashers and eco-kettles to reduce your water consumption. 

Improve Your Waste Management

When it comes to waste management, it’s all about prevention. When you feel like you’re producing too much waste in your production processes- go back and reassess your orders. Assess your recycling methods and ensure that you are recycling everything possible, from your food waste to your electronic items. Waste disposal companies can help you to comply with legal and safety measures to get rid of everything correctly. Donating unwanted items to charity organizations is another way to implement a zero-waste policy. 

Use The Cloud

Using the cloud can allow you to reduce your need for paper and printers in your organization. Project management tools allow your team to collaborate seamlessly within the cloud, with little need to print. CRM software allows you to manage all of your customer relationships digitally- with no need for filing info in a traditional sense. The cloud also enables your company to to permit remote work- which can, in turn, reduce your utility costs too. When it comes to your utility bills, go for solar panels as a green and renewable energy solution. After the initial installation cost is out of the way, you’ll find that your bills are reduced.

Switch To Green Web Hosting

Web hosting relies on data centers that use up a vast amount of energy. The ongoing drive usage generates so much heat that cooling systems are required. Green web hosting services partake in policies that pay into carbon offsetting. Essentially, for each energy unit that they consume, they make payments to generate the same amount of energy in a renewable form. Sites like GreenGeeks, for example, pay for three times the amount of energy that they use. 

Branding yourself as an eco-friendly business serves as a great marketing strategy, as it’s important to many consumers.

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