Working With A Fit-Out Contractor

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Fit-out contractors are available to help you get your project over the finishing line. However, you cannot simply hand the baton over to them and expect them to get onto it. This needs to be a collaborative effort, as you need to ensure the company is fully aware of the client’s wants. 

Fit-out contractors are, of course, experts in making interior spaces suitable for the occupation. Levitch Design is a great example. They will know exactly how to ‘fit out’ a space so that it is fit for purpose. 

Take hotels for example. No two hotels are the same, and you play a critical role in ensuring the fit-out company is fully aware of the clients wants. This includes a list of all their requirements in terms of the furniture they require, but it also means conveying the feel and look they want the hotel to have. The fit-out contractor will need to consider the hotel brand with every decision and purchase they make, and they will need to ensure the hotel provides the type of experience the client intends it to. 

You are responsible for ensuring this is effectively communicated with the contractors working on the project. You will also need to have some frank discussions regarding factors such as space utilization, energy-saving, and budget. Make sure you are on the same page before any work is undertaken. Frequent communication and collaboration is a must. 

Fit Out Partner Checklist

Fit-out contractors may be something that you require for your project. If so, you will need to choose with care. Get it wrong, and it can be a nightmare of project disruption and escalating budgets. Get it right, and you will ensure that the project runs smoothly, with no budget over-runs.

There is a lot to consider when searching for fit-out contractors. Firstly, their reputation must be taken into account. Have they provided you with references? Do they have a solid track record in your sector? Have they managed projects of a similar size? You should also find out who owns the company, whether it is part of a nationally recognized organization, if they work all over the UK, their experience, and whether there are case studies you can take a look at. 

Next, you need to assess their financial stability and your risk. Will they promise to deliver a project, snag-free with no delays on a fixed date? Will it be on budget? Do they have evidence of a healthy balance sheet? Do they have a formal process for feedback for every project? You also need to discover whether they have the funds that are required for your project to be completed and if they have the buying power that is required for negotiation in terms of furniture, materials and alike on your behalf. Do they offer a JCT ‘design and build’ contract? 

Finally, you need to determine what services are included, and you must evaluate their credentials? Can they provide you with any credentials concerning the environment? What quality management and health & safety certifications do they have?

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