3 Essentials Every Member Of Your Business’ Field Team Needs

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Field businesses involve a central company that then allocates agents to specific on-site jobs; for example, a plumbing business may have a number of different plumbers working on-site with a number of different customers at once. If you run such a business, or hope to in the future, here are three essentials you’ll need to ensure your agents are equipped with… 

#1 – A dedicated GPS 

Smartphones are able to provide good GPS services to a degree, but to ensure your field agents are always able to get where they need to be, opt for dedicated GPS units. These units tend to offer more in-depth detail (such as which lane to take, rather than just a general “go forward”) that can help your agents to move between jobs as quickly as possible. 

#2 – Mobile Wi-Fi 

Most field agents will need an internet connection to complete various aspects of their work, such as updating the field management software you use, issuing invoices, or simply communicating with you directly via email. Due to this, ensuring that every agent has access to 4G Wi-Fi via a mobile hotspot, or a prepaid, generous data plan on their company-issued smartphone, is strongly advised. 

#3 – A reliable payment processor 

Processing payments in the field can save a huge amount of time for everyone; the agent, the central business, and the customer. There are a variety of different options on the market, with Square one of the most reputable and best known. The infographic below explains Square in more detail, as well as the benefits you could look forward to if you decide to give it a try with your own agents…

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham

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