Outdoor Office Features For The Summer

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The warmer weather is just around the corner, and although we are yet to get a real taste of summer sun this year, a lot of us are preparing for just this. We spend a lot of time in the office during the year, and in the spring and summer it can be great to utilize the garden space we have. We are getting ready to prune plants, sow seeds and create outdoor spaces to enjoy at home and we can do this for the office too. Today we are taking a look at some of the most fun but extreme ways that you can spruce up the garden this year.

Build an extension

An extension can be a great way to make a change to your office space and it will also allow for more people to sit out and enjoy the weather on lunch breaks in the week. When it comes to building an extension it can be the ideal way to link the garden to the kitchen with opening French doors and fresh patio stones.

Dig a pond

If you have a large canvas to work with in your garden, a great choice to add some fun to the space will always be a pond. A pond can breathe new life into the garden because it will not only be a stunning feature, but it will also allow you to attract animals such as frogs and beets and dragonflies. It is a great way to build a new ecosystem in the garden and it can look stunning all year long with the right bog plants. You can also go one step further and install a submersible sump pump so that you can have some office fish to look after!

Pave it up

For a low fuss outdoor area in the office, you can simply have a paved space with planters full of flowers strategically placed throughout. A couple of tables and chairs and a smoking area can make this a great communal lunch spot for everyone during the summer months.

Plant some trees

For those of you who want to make an impact on the environment around you as well as create some lovely borders for the garden, planting trees is a great idea. Choose a hardy species and this will become a feature which grows and grows as time goes on. The added bonus of this is the privacy and security you will get for the office as the trees will block it from view of the road and surrounding spaces.

Create a flower feature

Have you ever walked through some of the displays they have in public gardens and felt astonished? Well, you don’t have to feel like this is out of your league because it is Easier than you think to create a stunning feature in the garden. Think about making a pattern of colors with a plant such as tulips and this can bring a whole sense of showmanship to your outdoor space in no time, and it will wow every time! It can even be done as an environmental project for the office and you can try to attract some wildlife to the area!

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