5 Signs You Shouldn’t Accept That Job Offer

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A job offer can be exciting – especially if you’ve been hunting for a job for some time without joy – however you should be careful of accepting an offer straight away if you’ve got doubts about whether it’s what you want. Here are just five signs that you probably shouldn’t accept that job offer.

The company has largely negative online reviews

A poor public reputation could be a sign that it’s a bad company and that you’re in for a lot of stress if you do choose to say yes. Whilst all companies receive negative reviews, the overall consensus should be a positive one. Employee reviews can be particularly worth reading for giving you an insight as to whether a company is fun to work for. These CRST reviews show what a positive employee review should look like – you should get a sense overall that past and current employees enjoy working there.

The interview process seems rushed/disorganized

A lack of thoroughness or organization during the interview process shows that the employer hasn’t really given the interview process much thought. If they’re late to the interview or seem distracted by other tasks, it’s likely you’re about to enter a chaotic job where things are rarely scheduled. A good employer/recruiter will plan ahead so that they can make time for the interview. They should view your interview as an important event and not as inconvenience – if you get this feeling before you’re hired, you’re likely you’re not going to be given much respect after you’re hired.

The job isn’t what was specified on the ad

If after the application and interview stage you’ve realized that the role isn’t what you originally applied for, this is another good reason to turn down the job offer. Either you didn’t read the ad properly to begin with, or they lied to you to get you to apply – if the latter is true, then you’re dealing with a dishonest employer that you definitely don’t want to work for. Don’t accept an entry level job if you applied to a management position and don’t work for minimum wage if the ad specified more than this.

The employer is overly eager to hire you

If an employer wants to hire you before the end of the interview – or worse, before even interviewing you – it’s probably a sign that they’re desperate. Whilst it can be flattering for an employer to want you so badly, a good employer will be thorough with the application process no matter how perfect a fit you may seem on paper. As this site Vested suggests, desperation is likely a sign that they are short-staffed and that there is potentially a high turnover. In essence, it could be a job in which you’re doing the jobs of two people and your colleagues may change from one week to the next – is this a company you really want to work for?

You’re being offered demands but no perks

If the job seems too demanding without enough perks to justify this, you may also want to consider whether it’s the right work for you. Some jobs are tough and grueling, but a good employer will acknowledge and put in place perks to make the job easier to deal with – this could include good pay or regular breaks or good employee benefits such as discounts to local services. If an employer doesn’t tell you what’s in it for you and simply tells you what they want from you, they’re likely a slave-driver and are best avoided.

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