Mindset Struggles Most Entrepreneurs Face

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If you’re an entrepreneur you probably already feel somewhat different to 90% of the population, and that’s a perfectly normal thing to feel like a bit of an outcast at times, but with entrepreneurship your mindset really has the biggest impact on your success, so in this post we’re going to share some of the main mindset struggles that entrepreneurs face so that you can be prepared for them and overcome them properly.

You don’t think small talk is an efficient use of time.

If small-talk bored you before, it’s about to get worse.

You’ll find yourself starting sentences with “did you see that really awesome Facebook Live the other day?”, and “how’s the launch going?”

Unless the other person is interested in talking about business, success, marketing, mindset, or something equally tantalizing, you’re just not going to be interested.

You may even start to wonder what “normal people” talk about – though it certainly won’t interest you.

It will bother you that people don’t think your job is real.

You can try and explain to your friends/family/random people you meet, but, really – what’s the point?

They just don’t get it.

Even the most well-meaning relatives will ask you if you’re “okay for money” Or if you’ve considered looking for a “little job yet.”

It’s probably best not to mention the fact that you’re more than okay for money because you actually make more in a month now than any “little job” could afford to pay you in a year.

This can lead to them thinking you’ve become some kind of drug lord –  not just “doing something online with websites” as they previously thought.

You think everyone should start a business.

And you don’t shy away from telling them so. A friend asks for some career advice: “dude, are you nuts?  Start a business.”

It will actually start to annoy you that most people just don’t see how much better it is, and you will passionately tell everyone you meet that business is the way to go, and even come up with ideas for things they could create.

Mostly, they won’t be interested, though – so don’t take it personally.  Just try to hide “the look” – you know, the one that suggests they just told you they’d like to stand in front of oncoming traffic just to see what happens.

Stop trying to convince them – not everyone can be or should be an entrepreneur.

Never in your life will you feel so in control and out of it at the same time.

How’s that for a crazy feeling?

Honestly, you will wake up everyday, and from one minute to the next, will be in complete awe at the fact that you can literally create income on demand, that you have purposely designed your life in a way that allows you to do this.

The next minute you will be in a complete panic for the the exact same reasons – it’s all on you.

You’ll change your mind a lot.

Entrepreneurs are crazy idea machines, so whilst one minute you’ll be bursting full of passion for your latest business venture or launch, the next you could have a brand new idea and want to start something completely different. All of this is fine and entrepreneurs change direction all the time by buying and selling their business on places like Dental Practice Exchange and other marketplaces, however, it’s also important to know when you’re truly inspired or just dealing with a case of FOMO.

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