4 Signs Your Employer Doesn’t Care About You

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We can’t expect everything from our employers, but there’s a minimum that we should demand. Respect is one of them. The freedom to grow is another. But what about an emotional bond? In the world of cutthroat capitalism, emotion can be seen as a weakness, and it’s not something that bosses automatically turn to. But then, perhaps they should, because workers respond better – and thus work harder – when they feel like they’re more than a machine to their bosses. So how can you tell if your boss doesn’t care about you? We take a look at a few telltale signs below.

All Work, Work, Work

Yes, you’re at work to get down to business, but let’s be real here: that’s not all it should be. There’s always room for some personal chit chat. To develop an emotional bond doesn’t mean greeting each other with long hugs; it just means showing any sort of interest beyond the work chat. If they’ve never asked you a single question that wasn’t related to your job, then it’s a pretty clear sign they don’t care about you – how can you care for a person if you know nothing about them?

Breaking the Law

We’ve come a long way when it comes to employee rights. Go back a hundred years or so, and they were virtually non-existent! Now, there are laws in place to make sure you’re treated fairly. However, some bosses don’t always follow the rules, because it means that they have to pay more money. Take overtime. If they’re making you work overtime, but aren’t paying you more, then they’re putting their profits above your rights – oh, and they’re breaking the law. If you suspect this has been happening, then talk with an employment attorney, and fight for justice. You don’t have to settle for less just because you’re afraid of losing your job.

When Times Get Tough

Everyone goes through difficult times in their life. During these moments, you want to feel like you have the support of the people around you. These times reveal the true colors of the people around you and, alas, it’s not always pretty. If your boss doesn’t seem to express any interest in what’s going on in your life and just expects you to work, work, work, then they clearly don’t care about more than what you bring to the company.

No Gratitude

Some employers like to think that you should be entirely grateful to them for giving you a job. But it doesn’t work this way. Having a job is mutually beneficial, it’s not a favor! If they don’t seem to appreciate all that you do for the company, then it’s possible that they do not see you as a fully formed individual, but rather just someone they can use to grow their business. You’re not expecting a box of chocolates every time you get something right, but a little bit of encouragement wouldn’t go amiss.

Notice the above signs, and it might just be time to look for another job!

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