7 Startup Hacks To Build Your Business Faster

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Building a business from the ground up can be a slow process. Many people can lose patience or run out funding if their business doesn’t develop quickly enough. If you’re eager to jumpstart your business make sure to try some these hacks…

Don’t be afraid of borrowing

Some of the best businesses were started on a loan. Taking out a business loan can give you the funding you need without having to spend months saving up. This could allow you to get things started more quickly. There are many sites where you can compare business loans to get the best deal

Get funding from investors

Another way of getting funding is to seek out investors. You may need to be willing to offer a share in your profits but in exchange you get given the money to help jumpstart your business (and unlike a loan, you won’t have to pay it back).

Save money by working from home

A lot of budding entrepreneurs feel that they need an office, but in this age of digital communication it can often be an unnecessary cost. Working from home at first could allow you to save money to spend in other areas. If you’ve got dreams of a retail business, you could even start by selling online before buying a physical store. That said, some people may prefer to get things going straight away in a physical store.

Prioritize building a website

Most people will discover your business via the web, so don’t put off building a website – it’s your most important form of marketing. You can build your own website for free using a website builder or you can pay a professional to create a website for you. Make sure to do your research into domain names – your ideal website address may not be available, in which you’ll have to find an alternative.

Stuck for business ideas? Consider a franchise

If you’re eager to become your own boss but are struggling for business ideas, you could always consider buying a franchise of a large company. You’ll find many franchises advertised online such as this opportunity to own a business brokerage. When starting a franchise all the groundwork is done for you – you already have an established brand and the parent company can provide you with all the equipment you need. You’re also using a business model that has been proven to work, making it less risky that starting your own business from scratch.

Consider a launch party

A launch party could be ideal for raising local awareness of your business – it’s ideal for shops, bars and restaurants. You can invite influential people in your area such as fellow business owners and journalists to come along and offer them freebies. This will help to make your business known in the community so that you can start building customers faster.

Get in the news

Media attention could be great for also raising initial awareness and encouraging customers. You can try contacting local new outlets or you can use a PR company. Try to come up with an angle that’s likely to hook journalists in.

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