One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Business

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

So, you know you want to start a business. Going into an office 9-5 doesn’t fit with the way you always thought your life would look. The entrepreneurial path looks set to suit you much better. There’s just one issue; you haven’t got a big idea. You assumed that lightbulb moment would come, but it never happened. Now, you’re stuck facing the reality that perhaps you don’t have an entrepreneur in you after all.

Fear not. For one, not all entrepreneurs need grand ideas. While the focus is often on those who break new ground, there are plenty of business-minded people who haven’t come up with anything new. For instance, many restaurant owners follow a guideline put in place by others. And, that’s not the only option. If you want to sell a product, who says you have to make it? Plenty of antique dealers make substantial money selling other people’s products.

Of course, most people are now clued up on the worth of their belongings. But, that’s not to say this isn’t still an option. In fact, heading to yard sales could be all it takes to get your business off the ground. At least, it could be if you look out for the following essential items.


There are still plenty of valuable antiques selling for as low as $1 at yard sales across the country. While many people do now check before putting a price tag on, others just want to get rid. So, invest in a cheap antique guide, and make sure to double check anything you come across. There’s sure to be a few duds along the way, but you never know where a gem could be waiting. And, finding a good deal could be a fantastic way to boost your profits from the off.

Football cards

Another thing you should always look out for is football cards. Most yard sales include these by the gallon. Admittedly, many of them will be worth little more than they were to start with. But, cards from certain players are worth a pretty penny on today’s market. So, take the time to find out about Tom Brady, Steve Young, and many of the other players who could fetch you a substantial sum. What’s more, you can rest easy that few people will bother to sift through their collections before putting them out for sale. So, there’s every chance you’ll find success here.

Beautiful books

Secondhand books are another area in which you could find significant business success. These are fantastic because most people sell in bulk without so much as checking the covers. And, most of the time, there’s no need to. But, every now and again, someone may sell a signed copy or first edition without even noticing. And, that’s when you can start to charge the big bucks when you resale.

It would seem, then, that it really is fair to say one person’s trash is another’s business. So, go out there and get bargain hunting.

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