Mathematical Career Choices For Beautiful Minds

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Even if you aren’t quite at the level of John Forbes Nash Jr. if maths, numbers, and equations are your thing, it’s likely to have a bright career future ahead of you. In fact, there are some seriously exciting and challenges options to consider. Keep reading to find out what they are and whether they are a good fit for you.


Physics is a branch of science that many refer to as the purest form because it deals with how things in our universe behave. It covers significant things like how the planets move, all the way down to the smallest elements of matter such as quarks and how these respond to the rules that govern them. Something that makes it not only essential that you have a burning curiosity to discover how things work but also an excellent grasp of maths and numbers.  

Like Leonard from the Big Bang Theory, physicists can be theoretical, meaning that they work mainly with unproven ideas, or they can be practical. This means that they work will already establish concepts and put these to use for the benefit of humanity.

Regarding careers, physicists can be employed in the private research and development sectors. However, they tend to have a had a long and esteemed academic career behind them before this happens. Something that means to start along this route a bachelor’s degree following by a master or Ph.D. is the right path to tread.

Stock Trader

A hugely different career role, but still one that is popular with mathematical geniuses is working in the financial sector trading stocks and instruments.

It is a high-stress role, as the buck ultimately stops with you if your investors’ money is lost. Transactions need to be made very fast as well, which means traders must be laser focused and decisive to get ahead. Although there are now apps such as the one CMC Markets offers that do make trading a lot similar and accessible. Something that also means traders no longer have to be tied to their computers or landlines to get the best deals.  


Last of all, if maths floats your boat why not consider a career in accountancy? Employment prospects tend to be good in this sector because as long as there are people with commercial businesses and private finances, there will be a call for someone to help them understand how to account for and manage their money better.

Choosing accountancy as a job can also be a smart idea because there are so many areas in which you can specialize. For example, accounts specializing in tax and submitting tax returns can nearly always get work. This tends to be because everyday folks don’t want to have to deal with the confusing minutia of doing it themselves or task the risk that they could get something wrong and end up being audited either. Something that makes accounting a fine choice for those that want to put their beautiful mind to good use.

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