Good Branding Is All About Consistency, Consistency And Consistency

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There is a lot of thought that goes into creating a great brand. Having a good knowledge of the target market, the design language of the industry, and a clear message and goal behind the brand are all important. But they are all reinforced by one thing and ruined by a lack of it. In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re talking about consistency, consistency, consistency. Here are a few guiding principles and tools to help you ensure it’s always there for you to rely upon.

Set the ground rules

Before we get into what exactly your branding should be based on and what it should look like, we need to consider the tools you use to ensure that consistency is always a part of it. There’s already a broadly used tool that does exactly that: the brand identity visual style guide. As shown by, a visual style guide keeps a record of all the different aesthetic elements that go into your brand’s design. Whenever you’re creating new packaging, a new webpage, or any marketing materials, you can refer to it. It can include logos, colors, fonts, and just about every element of design language that comprises the look of the brand.

Use communicative design

That brand consistency goes into any of the products you sell, too. In fact, some of your design choices will, and should, be defined by the products. In particular, when it comes to packaging and designing products, you need to consider design that’s communicative. Using sites like as a guide, you can make sure you’re choosing containers that fit the expectations of the market regarding your product. Is it in the shape and style they will readily recognize correctly as the product that it is? Does your branding fit with that product? If not, you might have to think about changing your design guide to better fit your products. After all, your product is what you’re trying to sell, not the aesthetic of the brand.

Keep the focus where it should be

There’s one group of people that matters more than any when it comes to deciding the direction of the brand: your market. You have to make sure that the brand appeals specifically to them, whether you have a certain demographic or a certain niche that you want to appeal to. The best way to make sure you have that basis for your brand is by asking them. Market research to help you get feedback on web design and packaging design often yields results most relevant to the aesthetic over anything else. If it isn’t landing, then it’s time to think up a redesign with that audience in mind.

Without consistency, your message gets confused, your market gets lost, and your brand is much weaker as a result. Make sure you have those rigid principles and design guides that you can rely on time and time again. This doesn’t mean that the brand can’t evolve, it just means that it has to evolve across the board, too.

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