Oiling The Machine: Relaying Real-Time Information

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It’s awkward to meet new people, especially when you’re hiring them. As a business owner, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when your employees from different ends of the operation, do nervous chit chat. Its when they stop talking to each other on a professional and process level is when you should be worried. Communication is like the oil in a machine, without it the moving parts can grind to a halt and leave you with costly repairs. But the world of business waits for no one, and changes happen all the time on a daily basis. Big changes can be seen coming from a mile away, but little problems can melt into the background. If you all them to accumulate, this can be just as disastrous as a larger problem. Here are a few ways you can relay real-time information.

Good relationships

The human condition is like the gremlin which you can’t ever seem to shake off. Egos, pride and jealousy, exist within all of us. However it’s your job as the owner and leader of the business, to make sure resentment between superiors and junior workers does not have a chance to form. You see this all the time in other industries; egos takeover and even though they’re aiming for the same goal, rival departments just stop communicating with each other. To go around this, cultivate a bond outside of work with all your staff members. A company picnic, day out to a theme park, or movie creates opportunities for bonding. A smooth ship is one that has all its members content with their position, and all feel valued by other members.

Quick updates of information

As the working day goes on, there are bound to be stages of progress made. As this happens, the overall situation of an order, product and service request will be handed off to various departments. A customers may want something a little more tailored to their tastes, and so a service will have to be edited for this to happen. This is just one example of where real-time information swapping becomes crucial. Companies like https://www.drink-it.com have a prime examples of software that is universal across departments, easily understandable, and functioning at an instantaneous level. This gives the worker on the floor and the manager in the office an exact same level of information. From orders that have been changed to a different serial number, awaiting extraction or picking, and ready to be packaged and shipped, a software that can be used by everyone relays data and details for quick changes along the supply chain.

Keeping in and out of the loop

It makes sense that departments have internal communication software, which operates on different servers to the lesser levels of your business. No one wants to see an argument within your business spillover so that workers can see friction among their superiors. This is why you should implement specific work email providers so that there is less chance of vital information being leaked. Keeping your employees who are not within the circle of making decisions out of the loop is actually a good thing. This belays arguments and mistrust, as well as unneeded drama. However, information can be swapped instantly between those who are in the loop using this kind of practice.

Relaying information in real-time is like oiling the machine. Your business lives and dies on internal cooperation at all levels of the supply chain and command structure.

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