Who To Hire When Hosting A Business Event?

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Organizing a business event is a big responsibility. Hiring the right people can help your event to run smoothly and possibly even take some of the pressure off of you. Here are just a few of the professionals worth hiring to make your business event a success.


Your event is likely to require all kinds of marketing. On the most basic level, you may need banners and balloons and other branded items for the event. For other events, you need to produce flyers or even advertise the event online. Consider an event marketing agency that can help you to stand out and to promote you in the lead up to the event. More private events with select guests may not require paying for much marketing as you’ll be contacting people directly via email or phone.

Speaking coaches

Will you be doing a talk at your event? All the most successful business owners use speaking coaches to help ensure that they’re connecting with their audience in the best way possible. Most speaking coaches can be hired on an hourly basis and it’s worth shopping around in order to get someone effective.  

Special guests

Inviting a special guest to your event could help to persuade guest into coming along. This could be a famous figure in your line of business who you could pay to do a talk. It could be a famous entertainer such as a singer or a dance act to kick off the event. These special guest will need to be paid and may need to be contacted long in advance.


If you’re inviting special guests, it could be worth looking into security guard services. Security may also be needed for private events in which only certain people on a guest list can enter. Not all events will need security, but it can sometimes give you peace of mind.


The opportunity to eat and drink at the event can also be a great incentive for guests to come along. Depending on the formality of the event and how long it lasts will depend on what kind of catering is required. If you’re hoping to impress elite clients, you may want to shell out on champagne and canapés. If you’re running a seminar for people getting into the trade, they may expect no more than tea and biscuits. If it’s a whole day trade fair or job fair you may want to hire a food stall or choose a venue which already has food catering services.

Event planning

If all this sounds like too much hard work, you can always pay for an event planner to hire all these people for you. Event planners can help you organize every aspect from the venue to the décor to the catering. If you’ve got a lot of work already on your plate, this is likely to be the best option for you. You may pay more than were you to organize each individual component yourself, but it’s likely to be worth the hassle saved.

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