Need An App For Your Business?

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With smartphones on the rise, and many people spending at least 2 hours scrolling through their phones each day: it is becoming more and more important for companies to take advantage of this niche and put out their services in app form. If you are looking to develop an app for your business, here’s how you can do it…

Make A Plan

Before you start getting trigger happy with developer software, think about why you want an application in the first place. Are you looking to allow your customers to order your products from an app? Perhaps you provide a fitness tracking software, or maybe you simply want to provide a dashboard for your employees to work remotely. Whatever your reason, make sure you plan out exactly what you want before you begin.

DIY Tools

If you don’t want to pay a developer to do it for you, there are some options which allow you to make an app yourself. This option is particularly good if you are a small business with not much of a budget and the inclination to control the process themselves. Google App Inventor is a popular option which allows you to create apps for android devices.

If you want to make an app for the iPhone, you will be able to use a program called AppMakr.

Freelance and Contract Developers

If you don’t fancy going it alone, you can either hire a company such as API Platform to create a bespoke app blueprint for you, or you can dictate what you want to a freelance app developer who will work with you to create what you are looking for. These are slightly more expensive than doing it yourself, but you will have the added security of working with someone who knows what they are doing.


If the app you plan to make is going to have a larger impact on your business and the way you conduct it, you might want to hand over the project to a team of qualified and dedicated software engineers. It will be a pricier option, however you’ll have the peace of mind that these people know what they are doing and won’t let you down.

In-House Developers

If none of these option appeal to you, then you can choose one final option: keep everything in-house. If you have a staff member within your building who already has the software knowledge and expertise to complete the project for you, there’s no sense in you outsourcing for the job. Choosing someone from within will save you money and give you full creative control over the project. It will also have the added benefit that your employee will be able to create an app which fully reflect your company and its core values. It will mean that they can pick the perfect color scheme, fonts and integrate other aspects of your business flawlessly to portray the best image of your company. If you don’t currently have someone in your employment to do this, consider hiring someone to work permanently as the app manager and a software developer for your entire business.

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