Give Yourself A Confidence Boost With Clients

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Walking into a meeting room or a conference environment of any size can feel daunting; even to the most experienced of business people. So, whether you’re an intern, or are just starting out on your journey in your new career; it’s worth developing your presentation and public speaking skills so that you’ll sound like a natural. People will always take note of a confident communicator, so it will not only benefit you to brush up on your talents but whoever you’re working for will appreciate the effort also.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a bottle of confidence (if only). However, by taking the time and making an effort to improve your skills and abilities in an environment where you have to describe, explain, and sell to current or potential clients will allow you to grow in courage and self-belief. The following are some tips and ideas for those who need a boost when it comes to impressing those who matter in a business setting; no matter how big or intimate it might be.

Practice And Plan

The first step to feeling confident in your meeting presentation or conference is a thorough plan and knowledge about what and when you’re going to speak about things. There’s no use in scribbling down a few notes the night before and filling in the gaps as you speak; you’ll only end up stuttering over your words and could forget some crucial points due to nerves and laziness. Therefore, the sooner you write or type a plan out, the sooner you can begin going through it step by step.

Ask colleagues and loved ones at home to listen to you; you’ll be able to gauge a reaction to certain things, and they’ll give you feedback that could improve the experience for everyone on the day. Repeat and practice as much as you’re able; you’ll end up feeling self-assured, and won’t be stuck for your words, which will ensure all your points are put across eloquently.

Make An Impact

Be as creative and insightful as possible when it comes to presenting your ideas, knowledge and thoughts. You might not be a whizz on PowerPoint; however, you can still utilize things like google slides themes so that your templates and images look their best when on a big screen. Think about using music, film, and humor in your presentation; you want to ensure that people leave and remember what you’ve been talking about. Therefore, the use of various media and an impactful slideshow will make sure your key points are planted firmly in the minds of those to whom you’re speaking.

Question Time

As previously stated; the more you plan your presentation, the better the outcome will be. If you have a deep understanding and knowledge of your chosen topic of conversation; you’ll be able to answer client questions with confidence, and they’ll be more likely to trust your response. Encouraging questions after your presentation is another way to reiterate points and ensuring that people remember what you’ve told them, so make a point of getting your audience to speak up!

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