Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which One Is Better For You?

Digital is the obvious choice for many reasons: optimal reach, price, speed, flexibility, etc.

But this post is less about tactics and more about philosophy.

Recently I took a Digital Marketing class at General Assembly and got a brief introduction how it works. This was an intro class so few strategies were shared, but it was still helpful.

Although traditional marketing has its limits, there’s still value in it.

Talking with a friend of mine Rachel, who owns Bite Sized Media, emphasized building relationships and creating partnerships still trump all.

To answer this question it really depends on two things: your customer and type of business.

If it’s an e-commerce site then it’s clearly digital, but for my online tutoring company I’ve started more traditional because I’m leveraging my network.

At the core digital marketing is more ideal if you can master it because of this simple premise: customers are shopping for you.

That’s key because people who are searching for an answer are more ready to buy.

Traditional marketing is more about bringing attention to your product/service in hopes they can be convinced to purchase.

In my opinion both are valuable and have their place. I admit I’m no expert in marketing and am trying to learn myself, but truly understanding who I am serving and how I can meet their needs is essential.

So the more important question than “Is digital or traditional marketing better for me?” is: who is my customer and where can I find them consistently?

Once you identify that, go forth and start marketing!

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