How to Gain Satisfaction and Loyalty From the Customer

Guest Post by Chris Madden

The marketplace is changing with business owners getting less and less face time with their customers. With more transactions taking place online, businesses and marketing agencies need to get creative on how they can engage with customers. Here are a few things we can do to build customer loyalty and trust online.

1. Get Personal

The web as a whole is extremely impersonal, so take advantage of photographs of your business and your staff along with contact details. Social media however, is perfect for developing a connection with your customers. Often times, brands tend to speak in their“corporate voice”. This does not foster a real connection, lacks responses and people can see through it. Marketers need to know not only where their customers are on social media but what is the best way to interact with them. When businesses can “talk human” you foster brand loyalty and can potentially increase conversion rates.

2. Stay updated

Your team should be pumping out content regularly on your blog and even updating the content on your website. The benefits of doing so are two fold, not only does it improve ranking as Google will crawl your site more frequently, but it also reassures customers that your services will be updated as well. Whether it’s your in house team handling your website content or an agency that offers website design and can make updates be sure your editorial calendar is organized and tasks are delegated.

3. Special Occasions

Gifts such as birthday cards, anniversary cards and holiday cards are great tools you can follow up with. You don’t need to spend a fortune to show you care. Get creative and come up with interesting gift ideas that tie into your business or personally with your customer.

4. What Are You Doing for Customers

Keep your customers in the loop on exactly what you are doing for them. This can be in the form of a newsletter that is emailed out to existing customers. It could even be a phone call. Whatever strategy you decide to use make to point out to customers what great service you give them. If you never mention what you’re doing for your customers, they may not notice. It shouldn’t come across as “cocky” but coming from the angle of “i doubled checked for you” or “I filed the paperwork so you don’t have to worry about it” shows you care and gives the customer added value.

5. Engage on Multiple Channels

Consumers today expect to find the address of a retailer online. More often they check product details and availability both online and in the store. Then they order using whatever channel they want either online, in-store and increasingly social media. Make sure you are engaging on multiple channels and managing what is being said about your business. If a problem should arise that a customer vocalizes on Twitter for example, be sure to respond and resolve the issue. Businesses and marketers in the new marketplace have an opportunity to generate more ROI and improve relationships with their customers online. Do an audit of your business and see if you are set up for customer satisfaction and loyalty success.

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