Winsight Episode 19: Buffet Strategy

buffet, buffet strategy, all you can eat, japanese buffet, adult and child prices, obese society, bigger portions



Remember the last time you ate a buffet? Your first trip is laced with excitement seeing more things to try than your stomach can handle. You put several different kinds of food on your plate because you want to try the various tastes out. Some of the items you like, but some things you don’t. It’s the second and following visits back to the buffet where you weed out what’s good and what’s not. This experience is relatable to entrepreneurship. If you’re a current business owner or an aspiring one, listen up because the buffet strategy is important to you.

In this episode I will discuss:

  • Why serial entrepreneurs are better than one-time entrepreneurs
  • Why the “system” may matter more than the industry
  • What a buffet and entrepreneurship have in common
  • The one factor separating you from being a business owner

Are you a current or aspiring entrepreneur? (Who doesn’t want to be their own boss?) What do you know about entrepreneurship? What lessons have you learn through entrepreneurship? Please share your comments below!

Comment please!

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