Getting in the Zone

Athletes experience it. In fact, the great ones encounter it more frequently. It’s when everything gets quiet, things slow down and your performance goes through the roof. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, so why can’t you experience it in your professional life?

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Getting in the zone happens when you’re able to tune out all distractions and perform efficiently
There’s no formula for how to get there because it’s different for every person, but becoming self-aware by knowing your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies will get you closer to peak performance more times than not.
Here are some tips to consider:
1. Figure out your most productive chunk of time and do your most important work then.
2. Create a routine that works for you where you can almost cruise on “auto-pilot” daily
3. Define your work-life boundaries by putting limits on your work hours
4. Go beyond organizing, prioritize! Instead of having a to-do list, label what’s most important & start there
5. Setting is crucial so find that “place” where you can grind out your best work
For myself, I work best alone where it’s quiet, so I schedule pockets of time away from everyone. I also enjoying meeting with people, so I make sure I do that a couple of times a week outside my office. My morning workouts give me energy and I set my appointments in the mornings to get my creative juices flowing followed up with solo work. Spending time with my family is my main motivation, so I try to schedule my work around them. Money is nice, but time is the currency I value the most
When I work with my clients it’s essential to identify their strengths early on. I help them “do more of who they are” or maximize their strengths. When my clients succeed, I succeed.
So when it comes to work, think of how athletes train for their performance(s). You can accomplish so much more when you create a consistent routine. Make it your goal to get in the zone regularly! 

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