What’s Your Platform?

Your platform consists of your various offerings. You don’t need to be everything to everyone, but you do want to aim for the masses. Here are 3 ways to increase your platform:
Adapt and Change. Our world moves too fast to afford to be comfortable. Grow or die. It’s not about reacting, but be ready to respond. Understand the trends and adjust accordingly. What’s relevant today, may be irrelevant tomorrow. It’s hard to stay at the crest of the wave, but you still should be paddling towards it. Are you rowing or drifting?
Partner up. Nothing great is accomplished alone. Your personal network is your greatest career asset, so grow and strengthen it. Introverts are not exempt. We are social beings and in these days of information overload, so put down your smartphone and practice your interpersonal skills. No matter how much technology improves, referrals will always be your best source of “business.” Who are you planning to meet/talk with this week?
Grow Brand Awareness. Whether personal or business, you have a brand. Do what you can to increase exposure. The worker who puts his/her head down during work gets ignored. Give people a reason to look at you. Social media has changed the game for being creative with marketing/advertising. Not having a budget isn’t an excuse. How are you extending your brand?

Open your hand and picture each of your fingers as offerings. What are your strengths? What products/services are you proposing? What solutions are you providing? Innovate with your partners and consumers and watch your platform grow.

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