How to Handle Career Setbacks

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

It’s easy to get discouraged in this economy, so how do you handle career setbacks? 
Here’s a couple of ways to look at it in a different light:
Connect Daily: Reach out to new contacts, follow up and ask for introductions to more people. Repeat. I can’t stress this enough! The days of submitting your application and resume are done. Jobs are given through referrals. If you don’t know anyone in the company you are applying for, you don’t have a chance. In fact most positions that are posted, usually are given to internal candidates or friends of friends. It’s a numbers game. You need to get on the right side. 

Keep Fighting: There’s several factors you can’t control when it comes to your job search, but the one area you can control is your effort. What are your career goals? What measurable steps can you take this week to make progress? Who will keep you accountable for action? Setbacks are inevitable. Successful people actually fail more. They are willing to take risks because without risk, there are no rewards. Giving up is easy. Rise above that. Keep pushing.

Be Innovative: Do what no one else is doing. Create you own job description and submit it. Volunteer at an organization you are passionate about. Record a video resume. Look to help someone else in need. Start your own network group. Stand out. You career depends on it.

There’s no timetable when seeking a new career. Focus on having the right process and trust it. The worst thing you can do is sulk and quit. Remember, isolation kills, so surround yourself with supportive people and keep moving forward. You’ll get there and when you do, you’ll be thankful.  

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