3 Career Trends to Watch in 2012

Hybrid Entrepreneurs: The number of entrepreneurs with full time jobs will increase. Businesses survive with money. If you can make more money on your own, go for it. If you can’t, why put extra pressure on yourself? That means keep your day job and swing your business (idea) on the side. When your current job is holding you back from making more money with your own business, quit. Most entrepreneurs have a hard time making money. There’s no shame in admitting creating a steady source of income on your own is challenging. We have bills to pay before we have dreams to chase.
Face to Face Networking: Online profiles and resumes don’t land you jobs, in person meetings do. If you can’t put a name to a face, you’re simply forgettable. Most social networking tends to be done locally, so why not take the next step and meet in person? The reason for so many network events popping up all over the place is at our core we are social beings. Online access is great, but face to face conversations will always be better. 90% of people don’t follow up after meeting a contact. Follow-up in person and you’ll stand out as that 10% who do.

Rise of Local Partnerships: If small businesses are going to bring the economy back, then we have to do it together. It’s not one or two small businesses that will start the trend, but the sum total working cohesively. Reach out to your neighbors and figure out how you can partner up to serve a similar customer. If you’ve created a niche, it only benefits you to link arms with someone else to provide a product/service that will enhance their experience. Stop with the “silo” mentality and learn from the younger generation. We’re better together than we are apart.

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