Are you the hunter or hunted?

In your career, there are times where you are the hunter and times where you are the hunted. As you grow, it’s your choice which role you want to embrace. Before making a decision, let’s look at the pros and cons for both: 
The Hunted
Pros: In order to be the “hunted” it means you’re on top. You’ve worked hard to be in this position and now someone wants what you have. In sports it’s beneficial to have a dominant team/player that everyone is gunning for. You either love or hate them. It brings more attention to the sport period. It’s the same in the business world.
Cons: Sometimes when you’re number one, you get lazy. Past success breeds complacency. There’s an arrogance that can follow success and take you down. If you’re too used to winning, your motivation dwindles and you stop doing the things that put you on top. Be careful not to become entitled and believe you deserve to be where you are. There’s always someone ready to take your place.
The Hunter
Pros: You have your eyes on the prize. Your radar is locked and you are ready to kill. It’s crucial to have a target and something to go towards. Focus brings the best results. Being the hunter means you’re motivated to work harder than everyone else to achieve greatness. Hunters don’t make excuses, they just want results.
Cons: Part of being the best means you know what it takes. It’s hard to strive to be the leader when you lack experience. Doubts creep in when you don’t see your desired results. It can be overwhelming and you question whether you have what it takes. At the same time, being a bit naive about a situation can cause you to take more risks in hopes to breakthrough.

This is a personal decision. For me, I prefer being the hunter. It keeps me hungry. I’d rather play to win, than try not to lose. As a coach, it’s essential to go towards a target versus avoid something. Choose the one that motivates you to be your best. Which one do you prefer? Hunter or hunted? Please share your comments below.

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